Public Relations Award

Poster Master Award

How to Apply :
Please email your entry to –

Important Dates :
The application opens from the 1st and 25th of every month. Late submissions will not be considered.Flyers which are created after the 25th of a particular month can be submitted for the next month contest.

For further clarification, please feel free to contact me.
Grace Moran
District 116 Public Relations Manager

Best PR Poster Award / Poster of the Month

Flyers and Posters can be used effectively for visual communication and plays an important role in Toastmasters Public Relations campaigns. Hence, this award is to recognize District 116 Toastmaster members who design the best flyer every month.

Award eligibility criteria :
– The competition opens to any Toastmaster members from District 116 in “good standing” are eligible to apply for this award.
– Each applicant is allowed to submit only one flyer at a time. However, the same applicant can apply for the award every month, but with a different flyer.
– The flyer / poster / invite must be designed by the applicant during that particular month.
– The flyer must adhere to TMI branding regulations.( TMI logo, name and tagline)
– All flyers will be posted on the District 116 Facebook page on the 21st of August ( Please visit our Facebook page. This is part of our social media campaign. “Most-liked” poster will get 15%
– The flyer must not contain any image or any reference to sex, religion and politics.

Evaluation Criteria :
Top 5 flyers will be selected and they will be posted on District 116 Facebook page (

One winner out of the top 5 will be announced in the first week of the next month.

A team of 6 judges will evaluate the flyer and decide on the winner.
Judges decision is final.

Brand Compliance – 30%
Most-liked on D116 social media- 15%
Concept & Originality – 15%
Layout & Topography – 20%
Quality – 20%
Total – 100%

Publisher Award


How to apply
– Submit your entry to
– Deadline to submit: 20th of every month

Before taking the plunge, be sure to read the contest guidelines thoroughly.

For further clarification, please feel free to contact me.
Grace Moran
D116 Public Relations Manager

PUBLISHER AWARD/Articles of the Month

We would like to invite members to share their experience as a Toastmaster with us, in a 500-word motivational article.

The best entry will be featured on D116 Facebook page and in the quarterly newsletter. So pen down your thoughts and take us through your Toastmasters journey.

– This competition is open to all members in good standing
– Submit no more than one entry per month.
– Submit 400-500 words.
– This is an ongoing monthly competition with a deadline on every 20th of the month
– Please include the word count on the first page and submit your entry in Microsoft Word
– Must be member’s original work and never been previously published.
– We will select one winner every month and notify the winner on the first week of the following month.
– The results will be published on our website, newsletter and Facebook page
– Authors retain all rights to their work.
– The judges’ decision is final

• Originality 30%
• Creativity 20%
• Grammar 10%
• Descriptive language 20%
• Impact 20%
Total = 100%

Stellar Newsletter Award

Best Newsletters Award

Qualification Criteria:
– Clubs must submit 3 newsletters during the year before the indicated cut off dates.
– 12 pages minimum
– Brand Compliance

Submission :
– Upload the newsletter and submit the link on our District FB messenger or email to:
– Cut-off date : 25th Sept., 2020, 25th Dec., 2020 and 25th March, 2021

Award Details:
Medal during DTAC 2021

PR Awards Annoucement

Toastmasters District 116 PR Awards 2020-21 Announcements