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PQD Bulletin

Dear Vibrant Toastmasters of District 116 ,

It gives me immense pleasure to present before you the 1st edition of the PQD Bulletin for the term 2020- 2021.

Find out who are at the forefront in Pathways Adoption and Educational Awards and Get to know other Program Quality aspects/insights.

We would like to hear from you on our initiative. Share your thoughts to

Manzoor Moideen, DTM
PQD -D116

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District116, Toastmasters International
District116, Toastmasters International1 day ago
Message from Program Quality Director, Manzoor Moideen, DTM

I am pleased to announce yet another campaign for the vibrant members of District 116, to actively practice *Mentoring* !

To accomplish development goals, its imperative to have transparency and accountability at both Mentors and Mentees part and incorporate thoughtful approaches, keeping education goals at the forefront.

Let’s ensure constant guidance and support_of the Mentors for the protégés success!
District116, Toastmasters International
District116, Toastmasters International2 days ago
Division E, District 116 Toastmasters congratulates all the members of the newly formed 3 clubs.

Special thanks to Presidents of 3 New Clubs. Without you, it was impossible for Division E to uphold the District 116 Mission ( “We build New Clubs and Support all clubs in Achieving Excellence ”).

We are proud of you and your Leadership; Presidents of 3 Newly formed Clubs, Shana, Ayub and Nizam.

Sabeena M K, DTM
*Division E Director*
District 116
District116, Toastmasters International
District116, Toastmasters International2 days ago
Congratulations to Michael Wader of Global Improv and Storytellers Toastmasters Club for winning the Best in Article for October. The article will be published on our website and in our newsletter.

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